We thank you for considering BEST MILES BROKERS! We hope this section will answer any questions you may have about how you can sell your airline miles.

What airline miles do you buy?

Here is a list of the most popular airlines miles that BEST MILES BROKERS purchases. We buy miles for the following airlines.

Air France Flying Blue / KLM
Alaska Airlines
American Express Membership Reward Points
British Airways
Chase Ultimate Rewards  SAPPHIRE
Chase Ultimate Rewards INK
Citi Thank you Points
Emirates Skywards
Hilton Honors

Jet Blue True Blu
Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards
Starwood SPG
Turkish Airlines
United Airlines
Virgin America
Virgin Atlantic
Other (Not listed here)
What is the difference between selling American Express points with access and without? What is the benefit to selling Amex with access?
American Express changed the way transfers are done about two years ago. We can still buy without access. However, allowing access to us will give us a little more flexibility on where we can send points to.
Without access to the account, it will only allow us to send to only one airline. This is not an issue.
– But with access it gives us the freedom to send to many different airlines as we would not just be limited to one airline. The payout is slightly more with access. Both are very safe and secure methods, but with access gives us more freedom.
Is there a minimum amount of airlines miles you buy?
With certain programs 12,500 airline miles is the minimum amount needed. However with some programs, there is no minimum.
How long does the process take?
Once we receive your list of airline miles to sell, we will then send you a quote on what we will pay you. If you decide to move forward with the offer, typically you will receive your funds within 24 hours and sometimes less.
How will I get paid when you buy miles?
BEST MILES BROKERS pays for all orders with PayPal. You are free to spend the money once you receive it. However sometimes we will not use the points immediately. Since each program is different, we will explain how we will utilize your points.
Do you ever change any of my information including my passwords?
NEVER. You still have full access to your account. We do not change pass codes, personal information, phone numbers, names etc. You will see everything we are doing. We will only use the amount of miles you are paid for. In the case we need more points, we will first offer on these points and then pay for these points prior to using them.
Why do we need you to link a credit card inside of your airline account?
In order to make sure everything is ticketed properly, certain airlines require the credit card that is used to pay fees and taxes on the flight (sometimes $20 but can be up to $100) is in the same name as the airline account. This credit card can be any credit card in your name, as long as it matches the airline account.

We reimburse you 100% for any fees and taxes incurred. We cannot see your credit card number. It will only tell us that there is one linked. If we do not use a matching credit card, it will increase the chance of an airline audit which could lead to a trip cancellation. This keeps everything 100% safe.

For United accounts, you can link a credit card under PERSONAL OPTIONS / LINKED CREDIT CARDS.

* For other airlines ( NOT UNITED). We actually need the credit card information (card # / expiration / 3 digits on the back of the card) because we have to call the airlines to issue the ticket.

Why do you guys not use the friends and family feature on PayPal?
When we give you a quote, we realize that PayPal will take a small % out of the transaction. This is why we add more to our quotes. Plus PayPal has warned everyone about sending friends and family payments for business transactions HERE:
How do I know you arent going to "rip me off"?
How do we know that we are not going to pay you and you aren’t going to run off to Mexico? HA! Do a little research and you will find that we are a mileage brokerage that has an excellent reputation. Mileage brokers have been around for more than a decade and have made a name for themselves. A decade-long reputation isn’t built on lies and scams. We are a family owned business and would not have survived this long by taking advantage of your hard earned miles. Please trust us, as we will trust in you.

Click here to read my Google Reviews and see for yourself.

What does your quote mean by "PLUS AIRLINE FEES AND TAXES" ?
When we give quotes for certain airlines, the airline will charge a tax to book the ticket. For safety reasons, we must use your form of payment (see above “Why do we need you to link a credit card inside of your airline account?”). So we pay you the quoted amount for the points PLUS we reimburse you for any monies put on your credit card.

For example the quote of “$700 plus airline fees” means we will send you $700 and also pay you for any fees put on your credit card we needed to book the flight. Most of the time the fees and taxes are less than $100 but can vary at time of booking.

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